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Create, Visualize & Analyze real-time IoT data
Live Visualization & Tracking

Live Visualization

We are receiving huge amount of data every second in the world of internet of things (IoT) connected devices. Unleashing the value of such data using live data visualization & tracking tool is necessary to take action. IoT sensor Dashboard is generally a live dashboard companion for all your IoT devices that effectively pulls out the data you need. It permits you to analyze, track & report on the data in real-time with the interactive data visualizations. The real-time & eye-catchy approach to data helps layman to understand easily & take actions.

Choosing the right tool

Creating a comprehensive report/dashboard is painful if done with the wrong tool. Similarly if you are using a wrong chart/graph/report for your specific application/use case, you will not be able to gain a valuable insight. For example, managing the customers’ information and devices deployed on customer premises is one of the challenging tasks for any business organization. It is not fair to provide a common static dashboard for all your customers. Hence each of your customers must have a separate dashboard where you can easily manage or control them individually.

This is where Bevywise IoT dashboard comes in with which you can create Custom IoT dashboards specific to your applications.

MQTTRoute Dashboard

MQTTRoute Dashboard

– for Diversified IoT Applications

Dedicated MQTT dashboard to easily monitor and manage real-time data with a lively snap of the latest happenings in the Bevywise MQTT Broker . A control panel to perform overall audit of the MQTT devices connected. The custom dashboard functionality to create multiple dashboard specific to your application. 8+ pre-built widgets to build real-time, interactive MQTT Web dashboards in minutes. Make quick, effective & effectual decisions by transforming data into an actionable insight.

IoT Platform Dashboard

IoT Platform Dashboard

– to manage customers

IoT Platform is a device management system to manage IoT devices & to collect & store data from it. Bevywise IoT Platform is both single & multi-tenancy architecture where you can bring all your customers on board. Provides a dedicated interactive & separate dashboard for each of your customers to visually display & control devices. Each tenant can have 10+ widgets, historical & device comparison reports , specific roles & permissions to group devices & access device groups.

EMS Dashboard

EMS Dashboard

– to visualize energy depletion

Bevywise Energy Monitoring dashboard gives you a real-time visual representation of the energy use throughout your whole sector. Live dashboards make it easier to monitor and control the status of your entire manufacturing process in real-time and to track your energy usage. You can look more closely at each machine to learn the current amperage, frequency, and voltage being used. By streamlining the technological procedure and controlling the energy, the process may be made more stable.

OEE Dashboard

OEE Dashboard

Bevywise Manufacturing dashboard provides a real-time enhanced MQTT visualization of your entire manufacturing process. Perform asset tracking, gathering & analysing production data with the visual form of key performance metrics (KPIs) such as OEE . MES a production management software will collect the data & process it in real-time & display the data in graphs & charts. Take advantage of good snapshot of overall factory KPIs like availability, performance & quality. Reports specific to the specified date & individual machine can be retrieved & downloaded for analysis.

Efficiently Analyze your IoT Data!

Historical Data

Historical Data Analysis

Historical data analysis is important in analysing data from the past to discern specific trends, and comparison of your application performance. Historical data is crucial when you are analysing current KPIs of your application to understand trends over time.

Compare Data

Compare Devices Data

When you are intended to compare two different sets of data from two similar devices, a graphical display of data is necessary which shows trends in the form of peak. For example, this is helpful in comparing performance of machines in Industry where you can check if the equipment is compliant with the industry standard.

 timeline Data

Data at different timeline

The performance of a particular device may vary at different time intervals. For example, such data can be useful in performing root cause analysis that is to pinpoint trends and conditions of specific equipment in order to identify problems before it’s too late.

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