Secured Communication

Secured Device Communication

  • An option to enable high level encrypted MQTT message / data transfer by connecting devices securely with SSL / TLS
  • Supports use of any self-signed client certificates created using any server certificate authority like OpenSSL , Premium CA, Let’s encrypt.
  • Get your devices connected to be authenticated with an X.509 certificate to safeguard against malicious impersonators
  • Payload encryption to prevent attackers from decrypting the data if they get access to MQTT protocol packet.
MQTT Authentication

MQTT Authentication

  • MQTT Broker / MQTT servers authenticates & verifies the requested connection of client with SSL / username and password.
  • Use a common auth key & token for all device connections or for a specific group of devices.
  • Assign an individual auth key & token which requires each IoT device to verify their identity (Client ID) independently.
  • Restrict unknown entry & allow only qualified MQTT clients to access specific resources by assigning the list of permissions READ ONLY, WRITE ONLY & READ/WRITE with ACL & RBAC authorizations.
  • Disable/Enable or Delete the Auth Tokens as needed.
Application level security

Application level security

  • The next level of protection for both communication & data storage by verifying device access with any of the firewall.
  • The data carried over the protocol will be secured at each level of the networking model as this message protocol is working on top of the TCP/IP providing information security such as confidentiality & integrity.
  • Built-over a strong back end framework to be secure against all phishing attacks.

Secure your Delicate Data

MQTT Broker offer options to secure your IoT connected devices by
tackling data protection issues