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capture machine status

Machine status capturing

  • Continuous tracking and monitoring of the status and performance of machines in real-time, capturing data on parameters such as operating speed, production output, downtime, error rates, and other relevant key performance indicators.
  • Enabling the capture of detailed data on temperature, pressure, vibration, and other relevant parameters that impact machine performance and overall production efficiency.
  • Our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) functioning as a machine data collection software, empowers manufacturers to gather and combine data from various machines and production lines. It consolidates this information to facilitate thorough analysis and generate reports on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
track production cycle

Production Cycle tracking

  • Get the comprehensive collection and analysis of data related to the various stages and activities within the manufacturing production cycle.
  • Real-time monitoring of the progression of workflow throughout the production cycle, capturing data on the start and completion times of each stage, as well as any delays or interruptions that occur during the manufacturing process.
  • Capturing data on production cycle times, throughput rates, equipment utilization, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This data provides insights into the efficiency of production processes, highlighting areas for improvement and optimization.
quality rejection

Quality Rejection from Machines

  • Monitor and track instances of product or component rejections during the production process. This includes capturing data on the type of defects, the frequency of rejections, and the specific stages or machines where the defects occur.
  • Analyze the data to understand underlying factors contributing to product defects such as material defects, machine malfunctions, human errors, or process deviations.
acquire production info

Production information Acquisition

  • The systematic collection and integration of real-time data on production and operational parameters from PLCs deployed on the factory floor.
  • PLCs directly collect data from various production equipment, machinery, and sensors, capturing information such as machine status, production counts, process parameters, and equipment performance metrics.
  • The data acquired from PLCs is seamlessly integrated, allowing for centralized data management, comprehensive analysis, and enhanced reporting capabilities. This integration ensures that production information is readily accessible to all relevant stakeholders for improved operational visibility and decision support.
monitor process parameters

Process Parameter Monitoring

  • Retrieve data from PLCs on various process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, speed, flow rate, and other relevant variables, from production equipment and sensors. The data can then be analyzed in real-time to ensure that the production process remains within the specified operational limits.
  • Continuous monitoring of the process parameters against predefined thresholds or tolerance limits, enabling prompt corrective actions to prevent production issues or quality defects.
  • Close monitoring of critical process parameters identifies potential quality variations or discrepancies, allowing manufacturers to implement corrective measures and uphold product quality and consistency.
downtime analysis

Downtime excluding Management losses

  • Aspiring to identify inefficiencies through tracking and downtime analysis excludes planned maintenance and disruptions and improves overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Streamlining of data analysis and issue rectification promotes improved operational efficiency.

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