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WIP management

WIP Management

  • Get continuous visibility into the movement and status of materials across different production stages.
  • The system facilitates accurate inventory monitoring and ensures that production materials are effectively managed and utilized throughout the manufacturing process.
  • The robust inventory control mechanisms regulate the flow of WIP materials, preventing overstocking or shortages at any stage of the production cycle.
delivery & shipment

Delivery & Shipment

  • Facilitates the seamless creation of Delivery Challans, which serve as essential shipping documents providing a detailed summary of the goods being transported, delivery details, and customer information.
  • As the data on work orders created, planned, and completed for the configured customers, and the data on finished goods in the store are closely integrated into the system, the process of delivery and shipment to the targeted customers is much easier for the manufacturers.
  • A comprehensive Delivery Report provides a detailed overview of the shipped products, delivery dates, quantities, and customer details enabling manufacturers to verify successful order fulfillment.

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